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granny smith, golden delicious,ROSE APPLE?


Is it a berry, a pear or an apple? This remarkable fruit is not what it name intends, an apple. Apparently a rose apple looks more like a pear and it taste like a watermelon. Now why call it rose apple? Where the does name came from and what exactly is a rose apple? Let’s find out.

It was called Rose apple because of the crispy fruits smell and taste like rose water.The scientific name for rose apple is Syzygium jambos. While its English name varies not only is it called rose apple it is also refer to as, Malabar plum Plum rose Malay apple Wax apple Water apple. In Dutch Rozenappel, Spanish: Pomarrosa, French: Jamrosat, Jambrosade, Jam-rose and Pomme rose. German: Rosenapfel and Malabarpflaume.

 It originates from the South East Asia and its part of the Myrtaceae (myrtle family)

 Flowers: A showy terminal inflorescence, usually with four whitish-green flowers on the outside of the crown. Leaves are long and glossy.

Fruits: Fruits are about 5 cm long with a whitish-green colour, but colour variations exist including red skinned fruits. The skin is thin and waxy.

Climate and weather: Requires a tropical or near tropical climate. Growth at altitudes up to 900 meter.

Height:Grow as a shrub or as a medium-sized tree. 7 to 12 meter

Type of soil:Prefers deep loamy soil. But can tolerate sand or limestone with very little organic matter

Spacing (close range) 8 meter and Spacing (wide range) 12 meter

 Insect pests:Few insect problems. Aphids.

 Diseases: Sometimes there is visible mould growing on honeydew excreted by aphids. Leaf spot. Anthracnose. Fusarium root rot.

 Harvesting: Pick by hand from the tree. Fruits should be used soon after picking because they spoil soon. Fruits ripen over an extended period of time.

Uses:Eat the fruits fresh (the skin can be eaten too). Fruits are crisp with the taste (and smell) of rose-water. Fruits are hollow, the core contains a small amount of inedible fluff.


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