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Target those problem spots with superfoods!!!

So today i have decided  to do a little something about health and well-being, as its very important to maintain a health body to keep you going for longer.To maintain a healthy body you need to eat the right fruit and vegetables in moderation with physical excerise but today we will be  focusing on the food and not physical fitness since its a food blog.

 By eating  fruit and vegetables you can target those spots under those arms, legs and……….. read below to find out more!:)

Eat those vegetables and fruit!!! They good for you:)


Reducing your oestrogen levels will help reduce the weight from the hips and thighs.

 How is this possible???

  • By adapting your diet with 2 -3 portions of cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower , rocket and watercress daily.
  • Add half 1/2 a cup of grapejuice or orange juice to your breakfast.
  • Drink 3 cups of green tea with a day.


Tone those stomach by replacing the carbohydrate portion of your  evening meal with extra vegetables.

Here are some suggestions.

In a carb-based meals-

  • swap the pasta for a carrot or courgettes shredded into long thin strips
  • Instead of rice/couscous add 100g of fish or lean red meat.
  • Have  of 125g of low fat yoghurt and fruit as an afternoon snack.


Experts say that fatty arms are due to a low level of  male horemones in the body .By consuming more vitamin B you cand help strenghten the adrenal glands, where these hormones are produced.

Adapt your diet by :

 – including 2 portions of green vegetables a day.

 –  choose bran /rye based breakfast 3 times a week

 – eat a handful of walnuts/hazelnuts a day.


About The Food Junkie

I am a 3rd year student, currently studying Consumers Science: Food and Nutrition. I am very passionate about food,health and love the outdoors.. Spending time with family and friends is essential." Live life like their is no tomorrow, to the fullest"

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  1. I’m liking your blog. Well done. Great choice of theme. It works really nicely. And all the other effort you have put in makes it interesting and professional. Keep up the good work!

  2. The Food Junkie

    @ Mr Cromhout, Thank you very much Mr D.!!!


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