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SLOW down on that salt…




Hi  foodie lovers, today I am steering more to the salty side of life and thought I should let you in on a little bit more about salt.

Did you know that ideally, your salt intake should be 5g of salt a day. Although as South Africans (including me) at most times consume double this amount.

Do you often ever feel bloated or tired? Dizzy, thirsty and have frequent headaches? Then you might be taking into too much salt. Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged…aren’t we all. Well most of us .

Salt is not only a seasoning used at the side of the dinner table but can also be found in many of your processed foods. Meaning we consume a lot and a lot of salt without even knowing it. So be careful and try to cut down on the salt. You might be putting in more than your bargaining for.

 Here are reasons why too much salt is bad for you:

It can lead to high blood pressure.

Salt allows the body to keep hold of water, so the amount of blood in your veins is more than it should be, putting a lot of pressure on your arteries and causing severe damage. Usually there are no visible symptoms of high blood pressure but in severe cases of high blood pressure there are symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting

It can cause kidney failure, vascular dementia and eye damage.

 Again, the blood pressure when it is dangerously high it damages the veins and arteries in vital organs such as your brain, kidneys and heart.

It can increase cellulite

The body retains water because of the high salt content making you feel bloated. Pressure on the veins and arteries filter through areas where circulation is not at its best, such as your thighs and bottom the areas where cellulite target first and quickly.

 • Too much salt can lead to depression.

Salt is harmful for those who are prone to depression and panic attacks as salt diminishes the body of potassium which is vital for the nervous system, to work at its best.

Try to make healthy choices and cut down on salt. Here are few tips and advice from a dietician (M. Beeth) regarding salt and the use their of:

 • Read food labels carefully.

 • Salt content is classified as low if there is 120mg of sodium in 100g of serving.

• Avoid highly processed products which contain huge amounts of salt. These include canned soups, cheese, processed meats and chips etc.

• Snack on raw vegetables, fruit and unsalted nuts.

 • Use fresh or frozen vegetables in your cooking as tinned products contain salt to preserve the product.

• When cooking, try replacing your salt with herbs and spices,


About The Food Junkie

I am a 3rd year student, currently studying Consumers Science: Food and Nutrition. I am very passionate about food,health and love the outdoors.. Spending time with family and friends is essential." Live life like their is no tomorrow, to the fullest"

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  1. GUILTY!! I LOVE SALT! – but everything in moderation right?! … its easier said than done in my case 😦 but recently I discovered Himalayan crystal salt and health fanatics say its way better than regular sea salt?! :0 but I suppose the proof is in the pudding 😉 .. so if i die of one of the above… then note to self — Don’t eat himalayan salt either!! 😉 xxxxxx

    • The Food Junkie

      Yes Lee we are all sometimes guilty of eating too much salt and at times we don’t even really realise it.!! Moderation is the key:) About that himalayan salt, it’s really fascinating hey! I just read part of your blog about the himalayan salt and thought to my self wow.. It is salt right ? Not bath salts?Resembles bath salts to me;).

      • haha… ya it looks just like Rose bath salt! 😀 Himalayan salt is just fossilised sea salt (200million years old) and it’s pink colour is due to the high mineral content 🙂 … but i’m pretty sure it can also used as bath salt 🙂 xxxx will have to look into that! 🙂

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